Cancellation Policy

Photato(Versatiletech Enterprise) will process the shoot cancellation request from the customer as per the cancellation/refund policy of the photographer. The cancellation fee and the period taken to process the refund will differ for each photographer.

How Does The Customer Cancel A Photoshoot?

Please contact us at for all cancellation related queries. Our customer support team will help you process the request as per the cancellation policy of the photographer.

Refund Policy

  • Customer will be entitled to a 100% refund of the advance amount paid if the cancellation of the shoot is attributable to either Photato(Versatiletech Enterprise) or the Photographer. Customer will not be entitled to refund for cancellation of photoshoot for any other reasons.
  • In the event of dishonour of acceptance of photoshoot by the photographer, a full refund of the advance amount paid would be processed within seventy two (72) hours. The refund would be credited to the customer within seven (7) working days of the dishonour of acceptance of the photoshoot.